In-home Art Course

We provide a variety of art lessons. Drawing, Sketching, Manga Drawing, Cartoon Drawing, Chinese Painting, Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil Painting. Our teachers will teach according to individuals' needs.

Drawing, Sketching, Watercolor and Cartoon  ​ (age: 5-17)​

Drawing ,representing objects or forms on a surface chiefly by means of lines, tones and color, is a good way for art beginners to get started with. Though the freehand drawing lessons, students will develop good observation skills and a good sense of proportions. In a short time, students will be able to visualize whatever comes to their minds.


Unlike drawing, Watercolor will bring shape and form to our painting. Classes are purposely designed to be fun, varied and experimental, to make the learning process enjoyable. Students will be first introduced to do some no-pressure, small paintings of cartoon animals and simple everyday objects, gradually to a larger proposition. Once they are familiar with the media, more suppliers and theory are presented along the way, rather than all at once. Eventually, they will be able to composite their watercolor painting of still-life objects and pictures with their “New" color senses.  

​Chinese Painting (age: >6)​

students are shown brush strokes that allow them to create various animals, insects,  flowers and landscapes . Again, after a period of practice, the students are encouraged to use all the strokes to create a complex compositions. Students will demonstrate a knowledge of and skill with forming Chinese brush stroke techniques.

Arts & Crafts and Mixed Media  (age: 6-10)​
Glass painting, Photo frame, Ceramic painting, Umbrella painting, doll making T-stirt painting, Cartoon darwing, Chinese painting etc...
Manga and Cartoon Drawing  (age: 6-17)​
Manga and Cartoon course is designed for students of all ages who want to learn all skill of drawing manga and cartoon, and have their artwork critiqued by a professional manga and cartoon artist!
Acrylic and Oil painting (age: > 8)

Different techniques like color-mixing, texturing, impasto, knife-painting are taught before moving on to composition in landscape, still life and portrait.  Besides creating your own style and masterpieces, work of great masters are studied. Program adjusts to individual student. *it is not including material fee

Art Portfolio Development ​(age: 12- adult)

Art Portfolio Development is an Art course offered to High School students (e.g IB, GCSE and DSE Art Students) seeking guidance in preparing individual portfolios for the entrance examinations or applications to Art focused colleges and universities.

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