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Art school Hong Kong


Art Competition Workshop 比賽精訓班

We have this Art competition orientated class to guide students to participate in both local & international art competitions in the seek of building self esteem, self recognition and as a vital portal to school admissions. 

The course is ongoing throughout the year. We also welcome parents to bring in competitions that they are eager to attend. We will handle the registration and submission according to the specific requirements of all competition organisers.


Coming Competitions

第十四屆國際巡迴賽(德國站): 繪畫及攝影比賽

Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 12.05.08 PM.png

Deadline: 18-10-2024

Organiser : 香港國際文藝文流協會

Age:  4-18 

Theme: 德國

[ 中秋 ] 繪畫比賽

Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 12.29.58 PM.png

Deadline: 30/8/2024

Organiser : Tai Yuet Creative Art

Age:  4-18




Screenshot 2024-07-05 at 11.34.09 AM.png

Deadline: ​ 2024/09/22

Organiser : HKAEA

Age:  4-18 years

Theme: 我的湛藍星球 Our Blue Planet – 海洋保育

IYACC The 17th International Open Visual Arts Competition

Screenshot 2024-07-05 at 11.47.18 AM.png

Deadline: 16/9/2024

Organiser : IYACC

Age: 4-17

Theme: Choose your own

第十三屆 I Love Summer 兒童創作大賽2024

Screenshot 2024-06-04 at 12.09.00 PM.png

Deadline: 2024/09/12

Organiser : GNET Group Ltd

Age:  4-15 years

Theme: 夏日樂 (任何夏天相關主題)

一) 環保袋設計        二) 黏土創作

Nakamura Keith Haring Collection​ International Children'sDrawing Contest

Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 11.45.39 AM.png


Organiser : Nakamura Keith Haring Collection

Age: 4-18 years

Theme: Peace


Screenshot 2024-07-05 at 11.47.18 AM.png

Deadline: 30/9/2024

Organiser : HKMAC

Age:  4-18

Theme: choose your own

The 9th Hong Kong Bauhinia Cup International Painting Competition

Screenshot 2024-05-17 at 2.51.03 PM.png

Deadline: 3/9/2024

Organiser :香港多元智能教育協會

Age:  4-14 years

Theme: 動物天地, 童話世界, 保護海洋 


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