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Art school Hong Kong

Adult Art lessons sketching oil painting watercolor

Acrylic / Oil Painting Class

Adult Acrylic painting lesson

The course aiming at introducing:


  • fundamentals of color theory

  • the study of light and shadow

  • composition

  • Visual perspective 

  • brush work and paint handling application


Painting is one of the most rewarding ways to artistically express yourself. Take a break from your busy city life!


The program will assist in developing one’s own creative and perceptual skills with the exploration of varied styles e.g abstract,impressionist, classical, landscape and portraiture etc.  Advanced student will be encouraged to work at their own pace. 




Practical Chinese Painting I / II / III 

Chinese painting lesson

The course aiming at introducing:


  • the essential tools and material supplies that make up their standard materials set to begin painting

  • technical proficiency in using the brush, Ink and paper.

  • the underlying knowledge of Chinese Painting with master references, demonstrations and practices.

  • subsequently developing their own personal style.

The curriculum is designed for classes of two to five students. Topics are divided into 30 to 40 sessions of 1.5 to 2 hours each.

Topic outlines:


  1. Flower and Plant

  2. Birds, Fish & Insects

  3. Animals

  4. Rocks & Moutains

  5. Landscape

  6. People & Man made Stucture etc.

The classes are arranged according to the different brushwork required for each particular subject. Start with Bamboo, Plum, Orchid and Chrysanthemum.


Adult Chinese painting lesson

Watercolor Painting

watercolor painting lesson

Understanding the characteristics of watercolor through learning various techniques and experimental practice. Topics include watercolor technique ( Flat and grade wash, blending, wet on wet, transparent and opaque techinique..etc),  medium exploration (wet against dry, transparent against opaque and paper selection), visual element (form and shape, layer of color, composition and movement) and self development ( explore one' technique, topic, style and expression)

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