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Mr. Milton


Milton completed his design degree at the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong in the 70s. He received a Design education in his years of studies. He has been teaching Art & Design for more than 18 years with the ESF school and He is an expert in Manga drawing and sketching.


Art teacher hong kong

Miss. Cherry Mo
3 years teaching experiences

Cherry loves drawing and doodling since always. Her textbooks were covered with her doodles and she wouldn't miss a tiny spot. For sure she did formal trainings on drawing since little and got her official “A” on Visual Arts at the HKCEE, but her interest is on creative illustrations. 

Miss Michelle Chan


An enthusiastic and active art lover who is graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a major in Fine Arts in 2011. She has been teaching after-school art classes at the ESF schools for 9 years.

Through her experience, she is able to motivate and direct my talents and skills to different media such as graphite, color pencil, watercolor, markers and acrylic. Helping children to develop the drawing technique and construct knowledge, meanwhile, enhance their ability of individual creative expressions, cultivate positive values and attitudes. 


Miss. Tiffany Chung
3 years teaching experiences

She is a art-loving college student have been receiving formal art training since 3 years old. Her love of life has led her art to focus on still-life portraits and trivial things in everyday life.  Arts and crafts have always been on one of her favorite ways to express herself. 





Art teacher hong kong

To pursue her happiness, she decided to study Fine Arts then Graphic Design at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. This happiness will never stop, and she will bring the passion of drawing on to others.


Image by Andrew Neel

Miss. Yvonne Tang
1 year teaching experiences 

"Owning great passion in both art & design, I graduated in Hong Kong Baptist University in Visual Arts. I am addicted to use watercolor and ink colour as my major art medium to capture beautiful things or poetic moment in my life. For me, Art is a meaningful media to tell stories, to express self emotion and to calm one person down. Therefore, it is so wonderful to see how my student express the world and mindset through their artworks with progressing skills. It’s always precious to build trust between us and communicate through art."

“Creativity of children are indeed unlimited and shall not be stifled. There is no right or wrong in art, kids have full autonomy in choosing colour, use their creativity in making their art pieces. I enjoy doing art with the kids and their smiles of happiness and sense of success appeared while looking at their own finished paintings are overwhelmingly rewarding. "











Art teacher hong kong

Miss. Angel Lee

2 Year teaching experience


Angel has completed her B.A. degree in Fashion and Textile Design at the

Hong Kong Polytechnic University with First Class Honour and M.A.

Degree in Fashion from the University of the Arts London, Ravensbourne,

with Merit. She has had an affinity for arts, crafts and other creative

outputs since she was very young and had learnt art for her whole life.

She is a patience caring and energetic person with strength on creating

new ideas from various inspirations. She can control different media to

work on both 2D and 3D artwork.

Art teacher hong kong

Miss. Jasmine Hung

2 years teaching experiences


Jasmine loves Art. She is outgoing, responsible, patent and creative. Currently studying in the School of Design of Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She would like to immerse herself in the education industry after her bachelor degree. 

Art teacher hong kong

" Art is a means of giving expression to my thoughts and feeling, I always wanted to touch people’s hearts with my drawings and paintings"

Miss. Phyllis Cheng


Phyllis completed her Law degree in the UK and is pursuing her postgraduate studies in Hong Kong. Art has been her biggest interest since the age 5. After receiving ten years of academic training at Simply Art Studio, she continued to build up her enthusiasm through studying Art at GCSE and A-levels, and obtained A*s and As. She particularly enjoys drawing from pencils and charcoal and is always keen to explore the depiction of different subjects. She is also comfortable in the use of a variety of mediums such as watercolour and oils, especially in realistic paintings.

" I believe teaching art is the most ideal way to carry on with my passion and to share my experience."

Miss. Mei Chan

2 years teaching experiences


Mei have been receiving western printmaking training for 3 years in America. She graduated with a B.A. at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts. She has just finished her studio internship at Women Studio Workshop in New York State. Apart from her knowledge on all kinds of Printmaking skills (silkscreen, intaglio, woodcut, lithography), she also has a strong background on drawing, acrylic and gouache. 


Art teacher hong kong
Art teacher hong kong

“Art has always been so important to me because it is a perfect

projection of my ideas. It could be in any forms, such as visual, sound,

action, products and fashion. However, my best form of Art is to pass

the happiness of Art to the others by expressing the funny ideas directly.

Art teacher hong kong

"An enthusiastic and active art lover who is graduated from Coventry University in England with the major of fashion and textile. Having a internship in Paris and travel in different country of Europe to develop my own perspective in western art culture. 

Through my experience , I am able to motivate and direct my talents and skills to different media such as graphite, Sanguine, colour pencil, watercolour, markers and acrylic. Helping child to develop the drawing technique and construct knowledge, meanwhile, enhance their ability of individual creative expressions, cultivate positive values and attitudes. 

I have a great passion of art education with child and young minds. Providing a good enjoyment and satisfaction through participating in arts activities with them.It is amazing for me to reach child’s world through the art world. "


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"I have a great passion for art education with children, teens and adults."

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