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Painting lesson Hong Kong

Art Lesson Painting Sketching watercolour Manga cartoon drawing

We provide variety of art lessons. Drawing, Sketching, Manga Drawing, Cartoon Drawing, Chinese Painting, Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil Painting. Our teachers will teach according to individuals' needs.

Narrative Drawing (3-9)  and Sketching (>9)  繪畫, 素描

Drawing ,representing objects or forms on a surface chiefly by means of lines, tones and color, is a good way for art beginners to get started with. Though freehand drawing lessons, students will develop good observation skills and a good sense of proportions. In a short time, students will be able to visualize whatever comes to their minds.


學習繪畫實物及靜態的景物有助於發展個人的觀察力及表達能力. 繪畫及素描的基本元素包括線條, 形狀, 透視, 顏色和形式, 於靜物, 風景及人像寫生中能發揮重要的作用. 透過水彩, 粉彩, 顏色筆, 炭筆等, 從而學習混色, 明暗, 空間表現, 色調掌握等技巧, 課程激發智慧與藝術創作潛能,為未來公開試及升學奠定基礎.

Diary Comic & Webtoon Art

This class is the perfect way to channel their creativity and imagination. In the class, they will create story panels with quirky characters that do funny things and tell stories from their own lives. The best part is that they don't have to care about whether the art is imperfect or childish at all, being able to create and deliver their stories will surely help them to boost their confidence and improve their problem-solving abilities.

Hand-drawn Manga & Digitial Manga on tablet

Learn from basic construction sketching to finish drawing quick concept for comics cartoon illustration, manga, anime. Quick and easy drawing and sketching instruction, constructed and draw face and body: Torso, head. story making and framing will be taught as well.

If you want to take your artwork to a new level, you may want to consider using a digital media platform to create manga. There are a number of well-designed programs to help create digital artworks.

Watercolor 水彩畫

Unlike drawing, Watercolor will bring shape and form to our painting. Classes are purposely designed to be fun, varied and experimental, to make the learning process enjoyable. Students will be first introduced to do some no-pressure, small paintings of cartoon animals and simple everyday objects, gradually to a larger proposition. Once they are familiar with the media, more suppliers and theory are presented along the way, rather than all at once. Eventually, they will be able to 

composite their watercolor painting of still-life objects and pictures with their “New" color senses.

Oil & Acrylic Painting

Different techniques like color-mixing, texturing, impasto, knife-painting are taught before moving on to composition in landscape, still life and portrait.  Besides creating your own style and masterpieces, work of great masters are studied. Program adjusts to individual student. It paves way for studying abroad and HKCEE and GCSE examinations.


採用工作室的教學學法教學, 透過理論講解、技法訓練 (混色,氣韻,厚塗畫法等)、美術作品欣賞等系統地介紹西洋畫美術的基本概念、表達形式、物料運用和描繪技巧﹔使學員在掌握技術知識的基礎上、發揮個人創作意念, 小組上課, 個別程度教授。課程激發智慧與藝術創作潛能,為未來公開試及升學奠定基礎.

Easy sew fashion design 服裝設計課程

This is the perfect experience for children to enjoy the process of design where they can explore their ideas and making them become a reality. 

Activities include:

Drawing designs sketches

Pinning, cutting fabrics

Basic sewing techniques 

learn to sew on a machine

making garments on a 

mannequin stand


Creative I- Clay & Pottery Art  創意立體/ 黏土手作



5 reasons to join the clay class:


  1. Promotes problem-solving skill while experiment with building techniques    

  2. learns to express ideas creatively via clay thus boost confidence    

  3. Develops understanding in the geometry like shape, form and perspective    

  4. Sense of accomplishment from finishing a clay project    

  5. An outlet for children to physically convey their emotions and to reduce stress

Art Portfolio Development ​

Art Portfolio Development is an Art course offered to High School students (e.g IB, GCSE and DSE Art Students) seeking guidance in preparing individual portfolios for the entrance examinations or applications to Art focused colleges and universities.

* Additional charges for material fee

​  Chinese Painting 國畫

​Simple and concise, expressive Chinese painting is an unique form of art. With plenty of imagination, one can master the painting techniques easily and produce a satisfactory result.  In a short time, students continue to surprise themselves with their ability. Flowers, insects and landscape are taught according to individual's level.​


中國畫是獨特的藝術, 它表達了中華民族的審美觀及傳統精神, 以線為主, 骨法用筆, 散點透視, 神形兼備, 展示中國寫意的藝術風範, 寫意國畫能讓小朋友盡情發揮他們無窮的想像力, 於短時間內得到令人鼓舞的成果。  課程內容包括花鳥, 蟲魚, 及山水畫等。

Competition Workshop 比賽精訓班

We have this Art competition orientated class to guide students to participate in both local & international art competitions in the seek of building self esteem, self recognition and as a vital portal to school admissions. The course is ongoing throughout the year. We also welcome parents to bring in competitions that they are eager to attend. We will handle the registration and submission according to the specific requirements of all competition organisers.



針對P4-P6 (9歲+)而設的課程, 由專業和經驗豐富本地視藝老師任教, 共16個單元 每節1.5小時




3. 重拾對視藝科的興趣和信心    


5. 提供呈分模擬試題的習作訓練

Western Calligraphy + Watercolor Class 西洋書法

Western calligraphy is a great personal hobby. Calligraphy gives you the capability to personalize many items and gifts.

This Western Calligraphy course teaches you how to create beautiful calligraphy piece along with simple watercolor floral border even if you have no artistic experience. Each participant will receive a beginner’s calligraphy set to get you started. You will start by learning basic modern calligraphy pen strokes and practice your technique by writing the alphabet, quote and poem. You will able learn how to create a wide variety of calligraphy to suit any occasions . With the basics covered, you will have the ability to begin a piece of calligraphy of your own and share with others through invitation cards, scrapbooks and bags.

Pastel painting  粉彩畫

Students will learn all the basics of oil pastel painting and how to maximize the use of oil pastels, techniques of shading, blending, and smudging with the use of oil pastels. Oil pastels are very different from the color pencils and watercolor. It is an art medium that creates texture to paper.

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